Experience the web as personas with access needs

We have 7 different accessibility personas. Each persona has different access needs. You can set up a device or browser so that each persona has a different profile on them. Each profile has a different simulation of their persona’s condition and uses their tool(s).

When using those profiles, you can experience the web generally from the perspective of these personas. Or you can do some specific quick training tasks we prepared on each persona’s page:

  • Claudia is a sight impaired screen magnifier user
  • Ashleigh is a severely sight impaired screenreader user
  • Ron is an older user with multiple conditions
  • Chris is a user with rheumatoid arthritis
  • Pawel is a user with Asperger’s
  • Simone is a dyslexic user
  • Saleem is a profoundly deaf user


This is no substitute for including users with access needs into your user testing.

A simulation is never a true representation of an impairment. It’s only a tool trying to make some things roughly as difficult for someone without that impairment.

The assistive technologies in this setup, especially the screen reader and voice control tool, are not appropriate for compatibility testing. Use mainstream tools for that.