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About the persona

  • 41 year old office manager

  • dyslexic

  • uses software which highlights text as it reads it out

More about the persona on GOV.UK and how to set it up

Chromebook help

Selecting the text and pressing ‘Search + S’ will read out the text. (When not on a Chromebook, just select the text.)

You will have to stop the simulation for this to work properly: Select the Tampermonkey icon next to the address bar and click “Enabled”.

Training tasks

There are 2 versions of an example page. Version 1 shows the issues Simone experiences and version 2 shows the fixes that will help Simone. Do version 1 before version 2.

Do the following tasks logged in as Simone:

  1. Read the text. Find out what you should do as a U.S. private citizen before you go abroad.
  2. There are a couple of social media links under the text. Try to click on the YouTube link.

Example issues for Simone

Example fixes for Simone