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About the persona

  • 53 year old management accountant

  • rheumatoid arthritis and colour vision deficiency (colour blindness)

  • uses keyboard only, no mouse and just started using voice control

More about the persona on GOV.UK and how to set it up

Chromebook help

Navigate with the keyboard:

  • press ‘Tab’ to go to the next link or form element
  • press ‘Shift + Tab’ to go back to the previous link or form element
  • press arrow keys to move between radio buttons
  • press ‘Space’ to select radio button or checkbox
  • press ‘Enter’ to follow a link or submit a form
  • press ‘Esc’ to close things

If you’re stuck, use the touchscreen.
‘Ctrl + Alt + /’ shows keyboard shortcuts (only on a Chromebook).

Start voice control:

  • it might already be running, say a command (see below) to find out, there should be a round microphone icon in the bottom left corner
  • if it’s running but ‘asleep’, say “wake up”
  • if it’s not running, click on the ‘Handsfree for Web’ icon next to the address bar
  • if it’s unresponsive, restart the extension

Use voice control commands (only in the browser):

  • say “click” and then follow the on-screen instructions, often saying a number
  • say “scroll down” and “scroll up” to scroll the page
  • say “help” to show a list of useful commands

Training tasks

There are 2 versions of an example page. Version 1 shows the issues Chris experiences and version 2 shows the fixes that will help Chris. Do version 1 before version 2.

Do the following tasks logged in as Chris:

  1. There is a table. Its country column includes an explanation indicated by a question mark. Try to select that question mark to find out what the explanation is.
  2. There are a couple of buttons below the table. Try to select the correct button.

Version 1 - issues for Chris

Version 2 - fixes for Chris