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Table of contents

Setting up personas

Here are instructions on how to set up various devices or browsers so you can log in as a persona.


Using personas on Chromebooks is currently the most effective setup.

Chrome browsers

You can also set up personas in Chrome browsers on any operating system. Some of the assistive technologies will not be as effective as on Chromebooks.

Assistive technology and simulations

Persona Use their assistive technology Simulate their condition
Claudia Magnifier, high contrast, etc (none)
Ashleigh Screen reader Blurred vision
Ron (none) Mildly blurred vision, wobbly pointer
Chris Voice control Disabled mouse or trackpad
Pawel Soothing colours Distracting sounds, images and animations
Simone Tinted background, Dyslexia font Scrambled letters
Saleem (none) Translated to Pig Latin