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About the persona

  • 82 years old, retired

  • multiple conditions: arthritis, hearing loss, cataracts, hip replacements

  • does not use any assistive technology

More about the persona on GOV.UK and how to set it up

Chromebook help

As Ron is not very technical, do not use anything which might help. For example, do not zoom into the page and do not use the keyboard to navigate.

Training tasks

There are 2 versions of an example page. Version 1 shows the issues Ron experiences and version 2 shows the fixes that will help Ron. Do version 1 before version 2.

Do the following tasks logged in as Ron:

  1. Read the text. Find out the number of Cabinet ministers.
  2. There is a pagination at the bottom of the text. Use it to go to the second page.

Version 1 - issues for Ron

Version 2 - fixes for Ron