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About the persona

  • 22 years old, unemployed

  • Deaf

  • Uses British Sign Language as his main language, English is his second language, always has video captions switched on

More about the persona on GOV.UK and how to set it up

Chromebook help

Make sure the volume is switched off.

Training tasks

There are 2 versions of an example page. Version 1 shows the issues Saleem experiences and version 2 shows the fixes that will help Saleem. Do version 1 before version 2.

Do the following tasks logged in as Saleem:

  1. Read the text. Find out when we need to receive your application if you send it electronically.
  2. Watch the video. Try to find out how many people were provided with guide dogs “this year”.

Hint: Make sure the volume is switched off.

Example issues for Saleem

Example fixes for Saleem