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Setting up personas in Chrome

Follow the instructions on setting up personas on Chromebooks. Whenever a Chrome OS feature is not available on the Chrome browser, follow these instructions instead. Or skip it if there is no equivalent.


Instead of using High Contrast mode, install the High Contrast extension

Instead of using the magnifier, zoom in via Settings > Appearance > Page zoom: select “400%” (once per device)

Note: This will be a different experience than using the magnifier and the training tasks will not make sense with this setup


Instead of using the ChromeVox version that comes with Chrome OS, install the ChromeVox extension

Note: This will have different shortcuts than the Chrome OS version, for example, instead of “Search + Arrow Right/Left” to read the next/previous text, use “Shift + Alt + Arrow Right/Left” on Windwos and “Cmd + Ctrl + Arrow Right/Left” on Mac


Instead of disabling the touchpad, install the Stylus extension and open remove-cursor.user.css in the browser; when Stylus opens, click the “Install style” button (once per device)


Instead of using Select-to-Speak and the nOverlay extension, install the ClaroRead extension

Go to the settings and untick “Click and play”, switch to the “Overlay” tab and tick “coloured overlay” as well as choose some light yellow as the “Overlay Colour”

Note: Let text be read out by just selecting the text, no need to press Search + S