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2.4.1 Bypass Blocks (A)

Understanding 2.4.1 Bypass Blocks (A)

When there is repeated content (like a header) at the top of the page, there must be a way for keyboard users to move focus directly to the start of the main content area of the page. This ensures that people who do not use a mouse can quickly and easily reach the primary content of the page.

Requirements / What to do?

  • A “Skip to main content” link is provided, and the link is located close to the start of the page;
  • The <main> element is used to represent the main content area of the page.

Common mistakes

  • The <main> element has been used, but there is no skip link that points to it;
  • A skip link has been provided, but it does not work in all supported browsers;
  • A skip link is provided, but it is only available to screen reader users.

Useful resources

  • TBC