Finding Things

There’s a lot of information about Digital Marketplace in various places - here’s a quick guide.

Developer Manual

What you’re reading right now! This is aimed at developers but contains useful info for the wider team:

You can also search the manual by keywords, using the box on the top left.

Shared Drive

A Google Drive folder for the whole team. This contains a number of useful folders, including:

  • Developers: technical RFCs and historical notes, guide to Developer jargon

  • Decisions: records of any decisions made by the team (e.g. ‘Disable Google Analytics December 2019’)

  • User journeys: slides containing screenshots of our main user journeys

  • Mission work: past missions, organised by year/quarter (dates back to Jan 2018)

The shared drive also contains the Runbook, which has detailed information for running a framework iteration (aimed at non-developers).


Usually Product/Delivery create new trello boards for each mission.

However there are two long-running boards managed by developers:

2nd line

Used to manage incoming support requests, bugs and regular chores. This board also contains:

  • Templates for common tasks (including scheduled chores)

  • Handy shortcut links (should all be in this developer manual as well)

  • Watch list (things we need to keep an eye on and regularly review)

Tech Debt / Developer Ideas

A seething mass of horror where tickets go to die (it’s not that bad, honest). This board is pretty enormous because we also keep track of ideas we decided not to do, so we can search for them in the future.

  • Inbox column: for triaging new ideas (this happens weekly)

  • Product debt column: tickets that developers can’t solve on their own

  • Do now/next/later: results of triaging, ‘Do now’ tickets should get pulled into the main sprint

  • Everything else: can’t or won’t action yet

Cards on this board should be tagged with at least one category (e.g. ‘Infrastructure’, ‘Bug’).

Still can’t find it?

If you have a technical question, ask the developers in the #dm-development Slack channel :)