Finding content

This page can help you find Digital Marketplace content stored in GitHub.

Content published as a single phrase or sentence on the Digital Marketplace is sometimes assembled from text held in multiple files. These files are saved in a number of different places in GitHub, known as repositories.

This can make it hard for content designers to know where to look to find specific pieces of text.

Content finder

For the best results, search for a phrase or entire sentence. For example, Cloud hosting, software and support.

Failure to find any results is usually down to the way content is stored in the repositories. For example, if you search for the phrase results found in you won’t get any results, but if you search for results found you will.

Once you’ve found the file you want to edit, you can start to change Digital Marketplace content.

Where content is saved

Digital Marketplace service content is stored in GitHub repositories. Use the content finder to identify where this content is saved, or ask a developer to help you find it.

Guidance, documents and publications relating to the Digital Marketplace are not held in GitHub and must be edited using Whitehall Publisher.

Content about frameworks

Content that describes frameworks (for example, what the framework is called or the questions suppliers must answer to apply for the framework) is usually saved as .yml (YAML) files in the digitalmarketplace-frameworks repository under the frameworks folder.

Static content

Most static content on the Digital Marketplace is stored in .html files in one of the frontend repositories, for example digitalmarketplace-supplier-frontend in the app/templates/ folder.

Static content appears alongside HTML elements and Jinja2 templating directives. You should be comfortable reading and understanding this kind of file before you attempt to edit static content.

The Digital Marketplace uses GOV.UK Notify to send most of its transactional emails. The templates for these are stored in the Notify service itself and will not be found by this content lookup tool.

Other content

Occasionally, small fragments of content may be found within .py files (Python source code).