Changing content

This page explains the process for editing and publishing Digital Marketplace content saved in GitHub.

GitHub content editor

Content changes are submitted through the GitHub content editor. There is no dedicated content management system for the Digital Marketplace.

To use the content editor you will need a GitHub account with access to our repositories. Ask a developer to arrange this for you.

How to edit content

The type of content you’re changing and where it is stored may affect the process you need to go through to get it changed.

If you’re editing large chunks of content, you can follow the instructions on this page.

If you’re editing small fragments of text that are displayed on the page based on a set of conditions described in the code, you should speak to a developer.

Search for content

  1. Use the Content finder to search for keywords and phrases.

  2. Choose the file you want to edit from the list of results.

  3. Select the line number next to the text you want to change. This will take you to the file, highlighting the relevant content.

If you can’t find the content you want to change, or you don’t understand how a file is structured, speak to a developer.

Create a branch

Before editing content you must create a new copy of the code, known as a branch. We do this to ensure that all code changes can be reviewed by a developer before they pull them into the master codebase.

  1. Check the branch dropdown menu in the top left is set to master.

  2. If it isn’t, open the dropdown, type master, and select it.

  3. Open the dropdown and enter a descriptive name for your new branch. For example, if you’re updating content on the G-Cloud homepage to describe new lots, you could call the branch g-cloud-lots-content-update.

  4. Press Enter on your keyboard to create the branch, you should now see your new branch name in the dropdown menu.


If you already have a branch of related changes you’re working on, simply ensure it is the selected branch name in the branch dropdown.

Edit the content

  1. Select the pencil icon near the top-right of the file content to start editing.

  2. Find the content you want to change, make your edits, then scroll to the bottom of the page.

  3. Enter a short description of the changes you’ve made in the commit changes form and then select Commit to save them to your branch.

If you need to make a lot of small changes you may find it easier to work in a text editor first, then upload the code to GitHub. Speak to a developer to find out more about this process.

Before you publish

If you’ve made changes to the digitalmarketplace-frameworks repository, you will need to update the version number of the repository before a developer can pull your changes into the codebase.

If you’re making changes to a digitalmarketplace-*-frontend repository, you don’t need to do this.

To update the version number of the repository:

  1. Navigate to the root of the repository: alphagov/digitalmarketplace-frameworks.

  2. Open VERSION.txt.

  3. Edit the version number to reflect the scale of your changes:

    1. increase the second number by 1 for minor changes to functionality or content

    2. increase the third number by 1 for bug fixes or typos

  4. Enter the following message, including the latest version number, in the commit changes form: Bump version to X.X.X

  5. Select Commit to save the updated version number to your branch.

Publish your changes

To submit your changes for review and acceptance, you need to create a pull request from your branch.

To create a pull request:

  1. Select the code tab at the top of the page.

  2. Select New pull request on the right of the branch dropdown menu.

  3. Enter an appropriate name and a description for the pull request, including a link to the Trello/Pivotal story that you’re working on.

  4. Select Create pull request.

You should now ask a developer on your team to review the changes and, if they accept them, to deploy them on your behalf.