What is a novation?

Novations are explained in detail in this team drive document.

Steps for transferring services

In this section we call “Original Supplier” the supplier that has been bought by the “New Supplier”. These steps only apply to the services that the New Supplier takes over, which may not be all the services that the Original Supplier has been offering (e.g. the Original Supplier may have services on both GCloud and DOS and the New Supplier takes over only the services on one of the frameworks).

  • Suspend Original Supplier’s services in the admin, to avoid any confusion for buyers.

  • Update Original Supplier’s services to have New Supplier’s supplierId:

    ./scripts/ <stage>
    data.update_service(<SERVICE_ID>, {'supplierId': <NEW_SUPPLIER_ID>} '')
  • Copy any service documents (e.g. Pricing, Terms & Conditions) from Original Supplier’s documents bucket to New Supplier’s documents bucket:

  • Update the links to the documents in the service’s json data blob (use the full… path):

    ./scripts/ <stage>
    data.update_service(<SERVICE_ID>, {'termsAndConditionsDocumentURL': 'https://assets...', ... } '')


Draft services, submission documents and historical audit events will be retained under Original Supplier’s supplierID.