What is a novation?

Novating a supplier on the Digital Marketplace means moving services from one supplier account to another. This normally happens when companies merge, or one supplier buys another.

For example, if Supplier A buys Supplier B with the intention of offering Supplier B’s services, we need to move Supplier B’s services to Supplier A.

Novations on the Digital Marketplace

The below scenarios assume Supplier A is buying Supplier B.

1. Only Supplier A is an existing DMP supplier

If only Supplier A is on the Digital Marketplace, then they will have to wait until the next framework iteration to add the new services they bought from supplier B. Services can only be added during framework application periods.

2. Only Supplier B is an existing DMP supplier

If only Supplier B is on the Digital Marketplace, then we can repurpose their account.

  • Rename their supplier name (i.e. the trading name) to that of Supplier A, and update the public contact details.
  • Keep Supplier B’s DUNS number and registered company details the same, unless otherwise instructed by CCS.

3. Both Supplier A and Supplier B are existing DMP suppliers

If both Supplier A and Supplier B are on the Digital Marketplace, then we need to move the services as follows:

  • Suspend Supplier B’s services in the admin, to avoid any confusion for buyers.

  • Update Supplier B’s services to have Supplier A’s supplierId:

    ./scripts/ <stage>
    data.update_service(<SERVICE_ID>, {'supplierId': <SUPPLIER_A_ID>} '')
  • Copy any service documents (e.g. Pricing, Terms & Conditions) from Supplier B’s documents bucket to Supplier A’s documents bucket:

  • Update the links to the documents in the service’s json data blob (use the full… path):

    ./scripts/ <stage>
    data.update_service(<SERVICE_ID>, {'termsAndConditionsDocumentURL': 'https://assets...', ... } '')


Draft services, submission documents and historical audit events will be retained under Supplier B’s supplierID.