Buyer Domain Allow List


CCS staff with the admin role are able to self-serve adding domains to the allowed list. If this is requested via 2nd line please send them the following guidance.

Buyers cannot create an account on Digital Marketplace unless their email address’s domain part has been added to an allowed list. Admins add new domains to the allowed list at

For example; because a user wanted to sign up as a buyer from the Pensions Ombudsman the domain ‘’ was added to the allowed list. Now people can sign up with emails ending in ‘’.

The problem we have is if someone adds something too broad, for example ‘’ or ‘’, to the list. Anyone can buy a ‘’ domain, and every UK student has an ‘’ address.

The danger of this is that anyone can just sign up as a buyer and post briefs. These are directly and immediately available on the site. So anyone could sign up as a buyer and post reputation damaging material.

Team members should be mindful of the effect of this allow list and what adding something like ‘’ could result in. If in doubt feel free to check with the Digital Marketplace 2nd Line Support Team at