Open components and contribution

The majority of GOV.UK Verify’s code is public and freely available under an MIT Licence. Wherever possible, the GOV.UK Verify team codes in the open on GitHub under the alphagov organisation.

We welcome contributions from outside the GOV.UK Verify team. You can raise a pull request or submit an issue against any open repository. To discuss more detailed feature requests or feedback, contact the GOV.UK Verify team at

Responsible disclosure of security issues

If you think you’ve discovered a security issue in any Verify code please email with details.

For open use


Component Description
verify-frontend The frontend service for Verify

Connecting to Verify


Component Description
dropwizard-logstash Dropwizard extension that supports logstash format with various appenders
dropwizard-jade Dropwizard extension to use Jade templating engine in Views used by Verify code
dropwizard-infinispan Dropwizard bundle and configuration for Infinispan
eager-dropwizard-guice Dropwizard-guice library

For information only

The code listed below is provided for informational purposes only and not yet intended for use outside GOV.UK Verify.

Connecting to Verify

Component Description
verify-sample-local-matching-services A test project with a variety of sample local matching services in various languages

SAML Libraries

Component Description
verify-hub-saml SAML behaviours specific to the Verify Hub
verify-saml-domain-objects Library of Java classes that represent Verify domain objects and transformations (deprecated)
verify-saml-extensions Libraries containing implementations of the SAML extensions defined in the IDA SAML profile
verify-saml-metadata-bindings Library for consuming SAML metadata
verify-saml-security Library for security-related SAML operations
verify-saml-serializers Library for (de)serialization of SAML objects
verify-saml-test-utils Utility libraries for testing SAML
verify-saml-utils SAML Libraries used for SAML transformation, validation, generation and error formatting


Component Description
verify-test-utils Libraries to help write Java Unit and Integration tests
verify-utils-libs Libraries used for REST, security and common utilities
verify-dev-pki Contains keys and certificates for Verify integration tests
verify-stub-idp-saml SAML library for a dummy Identity Provider IDP
verify-shibboleth-sp-example An example configuration for a Shibboleth SP instance that works with Verify
verify-dropwizard-saml Library for providing a SAML configuration object
verify-metadata-generator Produces unsigned SAML metadata that can be used to describe the entities within the GOV.UK Verify federation.