Stage 5: Production onboarding

Purpose of this stage

To deploy your end-to-end service in a live production environment, confirm operational readiness and go live.

Prerequisites before entering this stage

What’s expected from your service

The service manager must:

The technical team in your service must complete the steps below.

  1. Request access to the production environment.
  2. Connect the Matching Service Adapter and your service to the production environment.

What the GOV.UK Verify team will do

Outputs required to complete this stage

  • Your service has been configured in the GOV.UK Verify production environment
  • A signed code of interoperability (CoIn) for the use of GOV.UK Verify between Cabinet Office and your department
  • Your communications team have an agreed plan for launching
  • An ongoing communication plan is in place for your operational service
  • A go/no-go assessment to confirm that your end-to-end service is ready to go live