Stage 4: Build and integration testing

Note: The technical guide supports techncial teams integrating with GOV.UK Verify. You’ll be directed to the relevant sections of the technical guide as you progress through Stage 4.

Purpose of this stage

To integrate your service with GOV.UK Verify and complete end-to-end testing in the GOV.UK Verify integration environment.

Prerequisites before entering this stage

What’s expected from your service

The service manager must:

The technical team in your service must complete the steps below.


  1. Build a service that produces and consumes SAML.
  2. Build a local matching service.
  3. Set up the Matching Service Adapter for the SAML compliance tool.
  4. Run SAML compliance tests.


  1. Request access to the integration environment.
  2. Connect the Matching Service Adapter and your service to the integration environment.
  3. Run end-to-end testing on all your user journeys in the integration environment.

See Stage 5 for the steps needed to deploy your service in a production environment.

What the GOV.UK Verify team will do

  • Provide an up-to-date technical guide to support your technical team
  • Provide a Matching Service Adapter
  • Provide a SAML compliance tool
  • Provide PKI test certificates for the integration environment
  • Configure the integration environment to enable end-to-end testing
  • Meet with your service’s operations and support teams

Outputs required to complete this stage

  • Share evidence of successful testing with the SAML compliance tool
  • Provide a full demonstration of all user journeys in the integration environment showing that they work for users including happy and sad paths
  • Meet the GOV.UK Verify operations and support team to understand where roles and responsibilites lie between your service and GOV.UK Verify
  • Share your service’s end user support model