Stage 3: Planning

Purpose of this stage

To produce a plan showing what will be done, and get the approvals you need to build and integrate with GOV.UK Verify.

Prerequisites before entering this stage

What’s expected from your service

What the GOV.UK Verify team will do

  • Help you plan your service’s integration with GOV.UK Verify
  • Meet your important stakeholders as required to help you get the approvals your service needs
  • Provide guidance on the development of your user journeys
  • Share the operations contacts form
  • Include your service in the pipeline of services as reported to the identity assurance programme board

Outputs required to complete this stage

  • A plan showing how you intend to integrate GOV.UK Verify into your service
  • Any approvals you require to proceed with onboarding
  • User journeys showing all user scenarios and how your service will use GOV.UK Verify
  • Inclusion of the service in the pipeline as reported to the programme board
  • Your service has shared the operational support model for your service
  • Your service has shared a communications plan for integrating GOV.UK Verify into your service