Stage 2: Needs analysis

Purpose of this stage

To identify the specific needs of your service and confirm that they can be met; define how GOV.UK Verify will fit into your service; and align expectations on what will be done and where responsibilities lie.

Prerequisites before entering this stage

What’s expected from your service

What the GOV.UK Verify team will do

  • Request information to complete a detailed analysis of the needs of your service and understand any planning constraints
  • Provide support and guidance on your risk assessment and level of assurance decision
  • Provide guidance on the development of your user journeys
  • Provide guidance on your service’s privacy risks and use of personal data
  • Meet your important stakeholders as required
  • Share the code of interoperability (CoIn) and answer any questions your service may
  • Meet with you to discuss and offer guidance on measuring the impact of digital transformation on your service

Outputs required to complete this stage

  • A shared understanding of the detailed needs of your service
  • A shared understanding of any planning constraints related to your service
  • Your organisation has made an informed decision that it needs to use GOV.UK Verify
  • Your organisation has reached a decision on the level of assurance your service requires
  • Your proposed use of GOV.UK Verify has been approved by the GOV.UK Verify team
  • Your service has shared a privacy impact assessment and contact details for your Privacy or Data Protection Officer
  • Your important stakeholders are aware of and approve of, in principle, your plan to use GOV.UK Verify
  • Your service has confirmed it is progressing through the Digital by Default Service Standard assessment process
  • Your service has shared details of your communications team and channels used
  • Your service has met with the GOV.UK Verify benefits analysis team and shared detail on how digital transformation will change your cost per transaction, business processes and user experience