GOV.UK Verify Onboarding Guide

This guide is for government service providers wanting to learn about and integrate with GOV.UK Verify.

The guide outlines the 6 stages to onboarding with GOV.UK Verify, and describes how to complete each stage.

It’s in beta, so it isn’t a comprehensive guide yet. We’ll regularly expand and improve it.

This guide contains information to help teams who are building secure digital services to integrate with GOV.UK Verify, and should be used together with the GOV.UK Verify Technical Guide for detailed technical guidance.

The GOV.UK Verify onboarding process

Before beginning the onboarding process you may find it useful to read the Introduction to GOV.UK Verify.

There are 6 stages to the GOV.UK Verify onboarding process:

Stage 1 - Proposal
Stage 2 - Needs analysis
Stage 3 - Planning
Stage 6 - In beta

Find out how your service moves through the onboarding process.